The Garden of Eden and the Origin of Resentment

Scott Shay joins Mark Gerson to discuss The Garden of Eden and the Origin of Resentment on Gerson's podcast - The Rabbi's Husband. Scott Shay is the author of In Good Faith: Questioning Religion and Atheism that is now out in paperback - available on Amazon.

Scott begins the discussion with a very detailed analysis of the snake character in this passage, its motives, and just how it defeats God’s plan. What follows is a fascinating examination of the lessons surrounding resentment which are inherent to this passage, and which continue to resonate throughout our world today. Scott also shares the lessons he has learned about mankind over the years, and passionately describes the joy he experiences in introducing people across the country to the beauty and wisdom of the Bible. The Torah is filled with lessons for us all, and today’s episode brings to life one of the most important and fundamental of these. Listen now.

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