Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks - A Great Man

Along with so many others, I mourn the loss of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.  I had the privilege of knowing Rabbi Sacks for 15 years. He was a source of encouragement and inspiration to me from the time that we discussed my first book Getting Our Groove Back, which had somehow made it to his desk. In about 2011, I broached with him the idea that I was thinking of writing a new book in response to the New Atheists. He strongly encouraged me and gave me some general advice along the way.  He also had advice for Chai Mitzvah in that he thought that business ethics be a critical module for some Chai Mitzvah groups. He told me how fostering ethical business behavior in the business community was one of the initiatives of his service as Chief Rabbi. 

As I completed the book, I asked him his views on possible titles. I gave him a list of about 10 possibilities that I was thinking about. He looked at them all and then was silent for a moment and he came up with a title that was not on the list. I still remember how he took his right hand to his left side and parted his index finger and thumb and as he moved his hand in a straight line from left to right. He said "In Good Faith." And then he was silent for a moment and continued, "that says it all."  

I shared Rabbi Sack's suggestion with the publisher's representative and we both thought-- this really feels right.  I subsequently thanked Rabbi Sacks and he just nodded.  Helping and mentoring others was routine to him, it was part of the fabric of his being. 

 I will miss him very much.  


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